Chicken avocado salad (homemade)

2014-03-20 13.05.23-1 I don’t really eat outside lately, for no specific reason. Plus, I don’t want you to think that I don’t cook myself! I do and I really enjoy it, especially on the days when I feel exactly what I want to eat… Which was the case of this salad, that now has become my favourite salad ever (or at least for some time).

If any of you would like to make it at home, you don’t need anything more than:

one avocado
one chicken breast
some cocktail tomatoes
handful of walnuts
mustard and salt

I simply cut chicken into pieces, salted it and marinated in mustard (which was a very spontaneous thing to do and I loved the effects), and then fried it (suprise huh). In the meantinme I cut the avocado, tomatoes and walnuts and mixed it all together with the fried chicken. Some more salt (I told you I use too much) and that’s it. Nothing really innovative as you can see; but truly delicious. To be repeated tomorrow.

Eaten accompanied by “Nuevos narradores cubanos”.


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