Chicken mango curry (homemade)

2014-04-02 15.36.06 Does not look like the most tasty thing on the photo, but… you HAVE to try it if you like the combination of sweet & spicy tastes and smooth & crispy textures. Came out as a result of “what do I do with all these mangoes I bought”, eaten on my sofa (most comfortable one in Berlin), photo with the view on my not really cleaned up room.

You’ll need:
one chicken breast
one mango
a spoon or two of red curry paste
a piece of ginger (about 1cm)
a clove of garlic
about 200ml creamy coconut milk
a spoon of coconut oil
a handful of cashew nuts

Simply cut the chicken and the mango into cubes. Start frying chicken in a wok on a spoon of coconut oil, add the curry paste, ginger and garlic pressed through the garlic press (or cut into very small pieces). Next add the mango, let it cook for some time. Add the coconut milk and, stirring, wait till you reach the creamy, delicious sauce. Mmmm.

In the meantime I cooked rice and then mixed everything together. Then I added some cashews on the top (didn’t even bother to chop them) and enjoyed the curry watching some Top Gear.


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