2014-03-29 13.41.31 Woah I found my new favourite thing (yes, every thing that I publish here is my new favourite thing).

You can buy quark everywhere here in Germany. It’s kind of a cream cheese… I don’t really know what it is, I only know for some nations it’s really weird (we do eat something similar in Poland) and that my flatmates are crazy about it, eating it with their muesli and so on… (I tried it this way and didn’t like it, it was way too thick for me).

Anyway. On Sundays at the Boxhagenerplatz (suprise) you can find a very nice lady selling cups full of cold quark. And of course to her question: “small or big?” my answer was sm… big.

Which allowed me to choose up to 4 (from many) flavours.

I went for:

-Strawberry Tiramisu; which I thought would be my favourite, but actually was the least favourite. The lady fingers in it were just way too wet for me already. Plus, I guess we need to wait till the strawberries grow to be really sweet.

-Blackberry; nice and classic. Just like a yoghurt. Which is good.

-Honey; VERY good.

-Rhubarb; my absolute favourite. But I just love rhubarb, I love everything about it. One day I’ll be posting some homemade rhubarb goodies here I think.

Plus a variety of toppings to choose from. Yum.

Next time though I’ll pick the small cup I think (and fill it with rhubarb&honey, if I won’t feel like tasting any other flavours).

Highly recommended for you to try!

The price of the big cup was, if I remember well, about 3eur.


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